Portfolio - Games - BMW Group Junior Campus IAA 2009
BMW Group - Junior Campus IAA 2009
From September the 17th to September the 27th the International Motor Show (IAA) opened it's doors in Frankfurt, Germany for the 63rd time again and thanks to the BMW Group also the youngest visitors could discover fascinating adventures.

The whole project was concepted and realized by the media agency ,simple GmbH in Cologne and the spiel & sport team in Munich was responsible for the pedagogical concept.


In Hall 11 kids between the age of seven and thirteen could challenge missions and solve lots of exciting tasks in a three-stage workshop.

The first step of the workshops toke place in the "Portal" area with a short introduction of the further course und a quiz.

Afterwards the kids researched the subjects of resources, development and production at special game tables with object identification in the "Laboratory".

At the last stage, the "Workshop", they analyzed and deconstructed a pre-assembled vehicle and afterwards sorted the components in the recycling station. They then built a new vehicle out of the recycled parts and new materials which in turn was processed by the following team.

The last two interactive stages of the workshops were realized with the Unity3D engine and special tables that had a camera placed at the top which optically detectes and identifies counters so a program can import the data. This way ,simple provided a very smart and easy control.

In the mission that I've implemented the kids had to complete different tasks. E.g. to create an assembly line with different production buildings and to collect different materials with a truck in the correct order to deliver those to the factory so new vehicles can be build.

Besides that I supported the programming department with my Unity3D experience and helped to meet the tight deadline..

Altogether a very successful project!