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White Room (Working title)
This title is currently work-in-progress and unannounced so I'm not allowed to give detailed informations about specific gameplay or innovative features. But I'll try to provide you with a good summary of my work.


The programming team consists of eight programmers. Since I came to the time at a very early development status my first tasks were to set up the whole project and the tools pipeline, including internal tools programmed by our company and external tools like the vForge level-editor, as well as plugins and APIs. I've also planed the programming design and implemented the framework of the game itself.

After integrating the RakNet networking engine I've implemented several multiplayer features like an online matchplay modus and an ingame chat.

The game has to manage several user profiles, each with customized settings and a customized golfer. You can customize the look of your golfer by changing clothes and accessoires that can be bought with game-credits that you earn while playing.

The player can also learn so called "skills" which enhance the golfer and give him several special abilities..

Furthermore I've implemented the essential golf rules like playing into out or into a water hazard and there effects. The player can also choose between several match modes that are specific for golf.

There are lots of additional features like automatic minimap creation, ingame quiz, in-world-hud system, character progression (e.g. level-up), receive experience during a match by achieving different goals and so on, I've implemented.

Beside development I gave technical support for our level designers and familiarized new team members with the project environment (tools pipeline etc.) and the project itself.

After becoming assistant lead programmer I've also planed timetables, cared about employing new team members and evaluated software packages.