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The PC-game ABM is a genre mix of a god game and a construction simulation with lots of funny game-elements.


You not only have to finish your work at the construction site as fast as possible but also have a look at your workers motivation.


It was developed by eight students of the Games-Academy, Berlin within 8 months work after lectures in our spare-time with our own graphics engine SunRay 2 that was developed by two team members alongside.

2 engine programmer, 2 gameplay programmer, 1 tools and sound programmer
2 artists and 1 producer.

ABM has won the Gamesload Newcomer Award at Deutscher Entwicklerpreis in 2007 in Essen.

The game can be downloaded for free at www.abm-game.com.

There's also an online highscore that let's you add your personal score after you've successfully completed the level.

My tasks can in general be described with implementing the gameplay and logic code, like behaviors and pathfinding and creating the programmers design document. The following is a more detailed list.

- wrote programming design, keeping in mind that entities should be placeable inside the level-editor, created concurrent by a team member, and levels with objects can be serialized by the game

- behavior of workers and interactive objects so workers can build, drink beer, hide at toilets, read newspapers and so on..

- pathfinding through a-star algorithm, the node map is generated on level-load and gets updated during runtime so everything works automatically and you don't have to do exhausting node placing in the editor

- economics of resources and other tools so you can buy new resources or sell leftovers for money